Festival Makeup: Eco-Friendly Beauty Products To Pack In Your Wash Bag

You can glitter and glisten without harming the environment.

Festival beauty is in need of a makeover. For years glitter and wet wipes have been staples of our capsule makeup bags, but with both now coming under scrutiny for their environmental impact, what should you be packing in your backpack?

We’ve rounded up five eco-friendly beauty products to take with you on your next weekend of wellies and dancing near the main stage.

Glitter Without The Guilt

As glitter is usually made from plastic, it’s pretty damaging for the environment - just think of the wake of litter you’ll leave behind you as you dance the night away. However, Sleek is launching its first eco-friendly glitter: The new Glitterfest Biodegradable Glitter (£5.49, available in store at Boots) comes in packs of five glistening shades - gold, copper, pink, silver and blue.


Or for a wider range of sizes and shades, Festival Face has you covered with a collection made from biodegradable film that is compostable. We love the Chunky Ocean Blue glitter, £5 for 6g.

A Sprinkle Of Shampoo

Ozone-damaging chemicals have not been used in aerosols sold in the UK since 1989, but according to Scientific American they may still contain hydrocarbons and/or compressed gases that contribute to global warming. So rather than a liberal spritzing of dry shampoo freshen up your locks with a dusting of Klorane Eco-Friendly Dry Shampoo With Oat Milk (£9, from Boots).


Forest-Friendly Face Wipes

Most wet wipes are made from polyester, which shed microplastics when wet and also contain other non-biodegradable materials. But it is possible to buy biodegradable wipes, such as the range by Yes To, (£4.99, from Superdrug). which are made from compatible FSC certified fabric (meaning they’re made from sustainably sourced wood) (£4.99, from Superdrug).

Yes To

Don’t Dump Your Deodorant

If you buy a travel-sized deodorant you’ll still be left with the packaging to dispose of at the end of the weekend. Instead pack a deodorant bar. Lush’s T’eo Solid Deodorant, £5.95, comes free from packaging and has a scent of citrus and lemongrass.


Now, you’ve got your beauty bag packed, here’s some help on what you should wear.

Multitasking Lip Balm

Though lip colours are great for the first day or even two, lip balm is a necessity for those chapped dry lips. Bybi’s Babe Balm, (£28, 60ml) comes in plastic free packaging – the tube and lid are made from biodegradable sugarcane. What’s more, as well as hydrating your lips you can dab it onto cheekbones to
give a dewy glow, stick on your eco-glitter, or soothe sore skin (from too much sun or rubbing wellies).


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