12/07/2017 11:03 BST

'Aladdin' Live Action Film: Twitter Has No Time For Guy Ritchie's Reported Casting Struggles

'If the film industry can actively seek out Middle Eastern actors to portray terrorists, it shouldn't be this difficult finding one for Aladdin.'

The news that Guy Ritchie is reportedly having problems casting stars for ‘Aladdin’ has left many Twitter users getting out their tiny violins and having a moment of sarcastic silence for the director.

Diversity is rightly a hot topic in Hollywood right now, and following a promise that this film would be taking an “authentic” approach to casting, all eyes are on Guy.

So, when The Hollywood Reporter stated that - despite an international open casting call and talks with a series of big names - Disney is still struggling to find a leading man, the good people of Twitter had more than a few observations to make.

David M Benett via Getty Images
Guy Ritchie 

For the most part, the tweets can be split into two groups, starting with the wonderfully snidey comments:

Then there were some genuine suggestions:

Little Mix star Jade Thirlwall has already been linked with the film, but claims she might be close to landing the role of Jasmine are yet to be addressed by Disney.

Meanwhile, a representative for Tom Hardy denied reports that he was in talks to play the film’s villain, Jafar.

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