03/05/2019 06:01 BST | Updated 03/05/2019 08:27 BST

Alan Carr Recalls Getting ‘A Bit P***ed’ At Adele’s A-List 30th Birthday Party

What we'd have given to be a fly on the wall...

Alan Carr has lifted the lid on his night at Adele’s 30th birthday party, including a rather unfortunate A-list encounter.

Last year, the Chatty Man comedian was one of the guests at his close friend Adele’s birthday bash, which was themed around the film Titanic.

Speaking to Jonathan Ross about the night, Alan reveals: “The thing is people listen to [Adele’s] music and think she’s just sitting at home playing solitaire with her cat. She throws great parties.

“It was the Titanic.You had to go as someone on the Titanic. I overthought it.”

In the interview, which will air on Saturday, he continues: “My Paul [Alan’s husband] went as the old lady. I went as the unsinkable Molly Brown, you know Kathy Bates? Everyone had put a lot of effort in but you know when you’ve overthought it?”

Brian J Ritchie/Hotsauce/Shutterstock
Alan Carr on The Jonathan Ross Show

He continued: “There were a lot of famous people there. Tom Ford? I went up to him, you know when you’re a bit pissed? I went ‘I’m the unsinkable Molly Brown’. He looked at me and went ‘you’ll sink’.”

It was previously revealed that not only did Adele officiate at Alan’s wedding in 2018, she also performed on the night, though he will not be drawn on what sang.

“I’m not telling you what the song is because that’s private,” he insists. “I’ve got to have something, I could have sold this to OK! Magazine. It’s got swear words in it.”

On how his relationship is different since getting married, Alan also reveals: “Things change, don’t they? They do change. It’s alright. You know I love him.

“We are made for one another. It’s like chicken tikka lasagne. It shouldn’t work but it does.”

Earlier this week, the first episode of Alan’s panel show There’s Something About Movies debuted on Sky One, which he has said he hopes can provide an antidote to the nation’s Brexit blues.

The Jonathan Ross Show airs on Saturday May 4 at 9.15pm on ITV.