Alanis Morissette Wore 'I Voted' Sticker For US Election While Breastfeeding Four-Month-Old Daughter

'Even when you can't leave the house.'

Alanis Morissette didn’t miss out on voting in the US election, despite having a four-month-old baby to look after.

The 42-year-old, who gave birth to Onyx Solace in June 2016, shared an Instagram shot of her breastfeeding while wearing an “I voted” sticker.

#Evenwhenyoucantleavethehouse,” she captioned the shot, letting fans know she voted by post.

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Morissette is also mum to five-year-old Ever with her husband Mario “Souleye” Treadway.

Her decision to share a breastfeeding selfie won’t faze her fans, who often see them on the star’s Instagram account alongside the hashtag #normalisebreastfeeding.

A photo posted by Alanis Morissette (@alanis) on

A photo posted by Alanis Morissette (@alanis) on

In 2012, Morissette said she planned to feed her son Ever until he was “weaned and finished”.

“I think that we lose sight of what breastfeeding an older child is all about,” she told ABC at the time.

“It’s a simple cuddle time with mum, a time of warmth and love and nurturing, where a busy toddler can reconnect with mum.

“If we lose our sense of human connection, human touch, what does the future of humanity look like? Pretty bleak, if you ask me.”

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