Mum Reveals The Real Reason Why She Takes So Long In The Bathroom

You gotta do what you gotta do.

A mum has shared her secret for getting some much-needed “alone time”.

The mum revealed on Imgur that she decided to lock herself in the bathroom this week, in order to enjoy a moment to eat some chocolates.

Without any interruption.

The mother-of-two explained that her children probably thought she was “taking the world’s longest poo” after she barricaded herself in the guest bathroom to enjoy a sweet treat.

“I just didn’t feel like having my one indulgence while my three- and one-year-olds asked me to share or cried while I ate it in front of them,” she explained.

“I thought maybe some parents on here might be able to relate and therefore enjoy this.”

And many other parents rushed to share their “alone time” stories.

One said: “My boys want everything I have. I go to the garage to work on stuff but I’m actually wolfing down cake.”

Another added: “I’ve got a mini fridge in my bedroom with a lock on it. It’s called the goddamit. I got sick and tired of buying stuff and them finding it.

“I used to sit on the floor of the kitchen behind the counter and eat skittles. Right after I told the kids there weren’t any left.”

Although not everyone has mastered the art of finding “alone time”:

“I’m more impressed you actually managed to be in the bathroom alone without a kid in there. I haven’t peed by myself in about six years,” confessed one parent.

And in case anyone was worried about how the children were occupied during the brief interlude, the mum explained “They had a snack and toys to keep them busy. They were fine for the short amount of time it took me to have my treat.”