21/03/2017 09:56 GMT

Mum Captures The Struggle Of Going To The Bathroom When You Have A Toddler And It's Spot On

'Mummy can you let me know when I can come in?'

Parents of toddlers will know that getting time alone is almost unheard of and that includes time in the bathroom.

One mum perfectly captured the struggle when she decided to film her daughter poking her head round the door while she was trying to pee.

The one and a half minute video starts with the toddler defiantly standing in the door talking about unrelated topics (”You got brown skin, mumma”).

When the mum asks if she can be left alone until she’s finished, her daughter replies: “Yeah if you just let me know when I can come in.”

But of course it wasn’t as easy as that. 


Instead of leaving her mum alone at that point, the toddler closes the door but leaves a small gap to poke her head through.

“You’re welcome mumma,” she continues to say. “You’re welcome. You just let me know when I can come in.

“Ok? Goodbye mumma. I’ll see you later. Be out soon, let me know when you know, okay? Alright mumma. I’ll close the door. You’re welcome mumma.”

Proof, you really can’t have five minutes’ peace.

The video was shared on NTD Television Facebook page on 16 March and has had more than 13 million views and 100,000 shares in five days.

“Oh you’re the best mumma ever,” one person commented. “So patient with your young sweet baby, she’s completely adorable.”

Another wrote: “I love when she opens the door just to say ‘bye bye’ - so cute!”

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