18 Valentine's Day Cards That Will Make Your Crush Blush

Swap the sappiness for something a little saucier this February 14.
Valentine's Day Cards

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Do cards adorned with teddy bears make your toes curl? You’re definitely not alone. A day synonymous with soppiness, Valentine’s Day might seem more cringey than cutesy if you and your partner (or prospective partner) aren’t a particularly mushy pair.

But just because you’re not into heart-shaped chocolates and balloons, that doesn’t mean you should forgo showing appreciation for the person you’re very much into on February 14.

If the typical storefront offering really isn’t in line with your aesthetic, then how about going for a slightly cheeky option?

Whether you’re after a saucy innuendo, or a bit of playful banter, these Valentine’s Day cards are spot-on alternatives for those who want to show their partner how much they cherish them, without any cheesiness.

For the partner with the grabbable peach
Use this day of love to celebrate their greatest asset.

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For getting straight to the point
There's no need to beat around the bush; out of all the people in the world, they are your top pick. Plain and simple.

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For the partner who's sick of your gaming
Remind them that although you love your console, they are still your favourite person to play with ...

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For keeping it super kinky
Because they're the only person you'll ever want to get super freaky with 👀...

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For the partner who loves a pun
Dating a physicist? Or just someone who really loves a Dad joke? This is sure to make them chuckle.

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For the partner who loves to please
Boldly let them know that your genitalia is grateful that they exist.

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For hinting at what's on the cards tonight
A corny classic that's sure to make them roll their eyes in sheer embarrassment.

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For the big and bearded bear
Let your rugged man know that he's really ticking all your boxes this Valentine's Day. 🌈

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For letting them know how much they make you flutter
Remind them just how much they mean to you (and your downstairs)!

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For spreading some non-binary love
Because they don't have to be your 'boyfriend' or 'girlfriend' to be your other half.

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For letting them know they're always on your mind
Remind the one you love that in your mind they are literally never clothed.

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For the partner who's really packin'
Show appreciation for their appendage this Valentine's Day 🍆

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For the resident bin emptier
A two-part message. Because nothing screams romance quite like reminding them of their jobs around the house.

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For coffee loving couples
Let them know you need them in your life just as much as you need to always be caffeinated.

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For the one who warms your feet as well as your heart
Because it's important they know that you would literally be too cold to sleep if they weren't around.

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For recognising their sexual prowess
Once again, it's always nice to recognise when a job has been done well.

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For the competitive quiz show companion
The perfect way to let a linguist know that you really want to get them into bed.

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For celebrating a silky shave
... So they better make the most of it!

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