28/04/2021 11:09 BST

Amanda Holden Left Mortified Live On Air After Snoring Stitch Up

“Do you ever wonder what Amanda Holden sounds like in bed folks?” asked Heart co-host Jamie Theakston.

Amanda Holden was left red-faced on Wednesday when her husband teamed up with her radio co-host, after she’d caused him a sleepless night. 

Chris Hughes got his own back on the Britain’s Got Talent judge after her snoring kept him awake on Tuesday night. 

Chris, who has been married to Amanda for 13 years, took a recording of Mandy’s nocturnal noises and sent it to her Heart Radio breakfast show co-presenter Jamie Theakston.

Amanda Holden on Heart Breakfast

Amanda was stunned when Jamie revealed Chris had been in touch on Wednesday morning, reading out a message on air. 

He said: “He has messaged me on the show this morning. You wanna hear this? ’Hey JT, another sleepless night…crying emoji.′

“It’s a voice note, which I’d like to play for you now. It’s got a time on it, it was timed at 2:36am this morning.”

After playing the clip, Amanda could not believe it was a recording of her, as Jamie commented: “Do you ever wonder what Amanda Holden sounds like in bed folks?”

“Oh my god, I’m gonna kill him!” Amanda said. “I’ve got a cold, I never snore!

“He’s a terrible snorer, he’s got his revenge!”

Jamie teased: “You don’t have any rhinos or hippos at home at all?”

Keith Hewitt via Getty Images
Amanda with husband Chris Hughes

It’s far from the first time Amanda has been embarrassed on air by one of her family members. 

In 2019, Amanda’s youngest daughter Hollie revealed her mum’s apparent penchant for getting naked around the house.

Asked what she found most embarrassing about having Amanda as her mum, she replied: “She goes naked all round the house,” prompting a gasp from Amanda and a few “oh dear”s from Jamie.

Sticking up for herself, Amanda protested: “I like to feel free, what can I say?” 

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