Amazon's Echo Look Uses AI To Judge If Your Outfit Is Good Or Bad

This is giving us major 'Clueless' flashbacks.

You’ve almost certainly heard of Amazon’s Echo speaker, but one product you might not have heard of is the Amazon Echo Look - a smart camera that helps you get dressed.

The Echo Look is essentially a voice-activated camera that will take a picture of you and then using AI as well as input from fashion experts, will analyse your outfit and then tell you if it thinks it works or not.

If that sounds familiar you may well have seen something extremely similar at the start of the 90′s classic ‘Clueless’.

Paramount Pictures

Unlike Cher’s computer, which apparently has an index of every item in her not inconsiderable wardrobe, the Echo Look works by analysing a live picture it has taken of you.

It even has a Style Check feature that will take multiple pictures of you in different outfits and then actually tell you which one it prefers and why.


In addition to judging your outfits the camera lets you add effects to your pictures, and even has a ‘Looks’ section where you can create a collection of saved outfits that you’ve created and know work well together.

Finally, and unsurprisingly, Amazon aren’t just trying to be helpful hear, they’re also a major retailer of clothes so you’ll also be able to shop current styles, search for them by colour palette or rely on the expert advice of Vogue and GQ which have both come on as partners for the camera.


Now if you’re wondering why you haven’t seen the Echo Look available to buy that’s because up until now it has actually been invitation-only. Starting this week though the Look has gone on sale in the US for $199 and it’s almost certainly just a matter of time before it makes its debut here in the UK.


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