15/02/2017 17:20 GMT | Updated 15/02/2017 17:20 GMT

This Amputee Yogi Can Teach Us All A Lot About Body Positivity


Meet Kat Hawkins, the 28-year-old amputee proving that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

After tragically losing both legs below the knee to meningitis in 2008, Hawkins became determined to push her body and explore its boundaries.

Not only is she a dancer and on the Team GB Sitting Volleyball team, but a talented yogi busting impressive postures on Instagram on her account Amputee_Kat.

Hawkins shares her wisdom and life lessons having experienced the double amputation, along with a big dose of good humour.

On her public Facebook page, she asked: “What is the human body and what does it mean to be beautiful? When your body changes overnight these questions can remain.” 

From handstands to warrior postures, Hawkins is just one of a community of amputee yogis posting empowering photos to Instagram using the hashtag #AmputeeYoga

Take a look.

Face down. Ass up.

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Caught in the action 📷📷#amputeeyoga #amputeelife

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Relax and get on your head

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