8 Amusing Tweets To Bring A Smile To Your Face This Friday

Feeling flat? Take a 5-minute break and laugh at other people's ridiculousness, courtesy of the internet.

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This Tuesday marked day 50 of lockdown. We’ll let that sink in a moment.

If you’re feeling a bit flat, or just exhausted by everything that’s going on in the world right now, you’re not alone.

To bring you some light relief, here are eight tweets that brought a smile to our faces this week – hopefully they’ll do the same for you too.

Here is a smiley dog to help you warm up.
SquatchPhotography via Getty Images
Here is a smiley dog to help you warm up.

1. 8-year-old sums up how we’re feeling in lockdown

“Okay I am sorry just sometimes I’m tired and I yell.” Get that on a mug.

2. Cats remain the champions of social distancing

It’s basically impossible for cats to resist the urge to sit within shaped outlines on the floor, as proven by these cheeky fellas spotted sitting in the circular markers designated for humans in Quezon City, Philippines. Peak cat.

3. Cafe imposes pool float hats on customers

You can visit this German cafe, but if you rock up for a cheeky cappuccino, it’s likely you’ll be made to wear a hat constructed out of brightly coloured pool noodles.

It’s certainly one way to enforce social distancing – but whether these customers will ever return to the cafe remains a mystery.

4. Hundreds of goats raid residential area

First it was Llandudno, now this. Goats are taking over while we’re all hidden behind closed doors, baking banana bread and getting breathless at Joe Wicks.

5. At least one person is thriving in lockdown

This tiny tot has been making pizza in lockdown – and he’s having an absolute blast. We thoroughly enjoyed the sporadic, aggressive dough slapping and his clear love of cheese, which ends up in his mouth, not on the pizza.

6. A very Normal (People) conversation about tea

We loved Normal People, but we also acknowledge there were points where not an awful lot happened. A lot of fussing over nothing.

Performer Louise White portrays this perfectly when she acts as both Marianne and Connell talking about... tea.

7. The happy spaghetti spoon

There are always moments of beauty reminding us that actually, deep down, a spoon with a spaghetti hoop face on it is enough to make us smile.

8. Mabel and Olive have their appraisals on Zoom

Sports broadcaster Andrew Cotter has been sharing amusing clips of his dogs Mabel and Olive throughout lockdown. And this one of them in a Zoom meeting to discuss their work performance is comedy gold.

Watch it through to the end, then ask yourself: are you a Mabel or an Olive?