16/01/2018 11:51 GMT | Updated 16/01/2018 12:03 GMT

18 Stamp Suggestions Andrea Leadsom Probably Didn't Expect When She Backed Brexit Stamp Campaign

'You can do that when you've finished colouring in our new passports.'

Andrea Leadsom’s support for a campaign to mark Britain’s exit from the EU with a stamp has prompted a string of other suggestions she probably didn’t have in mind. 

Not to mention criticism of the idea in general. 

The Commons leader on Monday tweeted that she had joined the Sun’s campaign - for a stamp mark the UK’s “independence day in March 2019” - and then later hit out at Royal Mail for issuing a set of Pink Floyd stamps while refusing to do the same for Brexit. 

Leadsom told the Sun: “If they can produce stamp collections for Game of Thrones, Ladybird Books and Pink Floyd (and, in 1973, a set commemorating our accession to the EEC), then there’s no reason not to do so for Brexit!”

The Sun
The Sun's suggested Brexit day stamp

The newspaper’s campaign, it reports, has also been backed by Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, Environment Secretary Michael Gove, and Trade chief Liam Fox.

Not surprisingly, Remainers were against the idea, comparing celebrating Brexit to the sinking of the Titanic and other events that shaped Britain’s history with devastating consequences - like war. 

Naturally, Boris was a prime target for those against the Brexit stamp. 

Stamp 1: Boris the ‘1st Class Twat’

Stamp 2: May Marches Over The Cliff Edge... As Boris Beats The Drum

Stamp 3: Celebrating The Losses

Stamp 4: Bravo On The Border

Stamp 5: 2nd Class Country (Or Is It Third?)... To Accompany The Boris Stamp. 

Stamp 6: Continuing The Brexit Circus Theme

Stamp 8: The Lost Tribe Of The UK

Stamp 9: The Titanic... ‘I’m Flying Jack (Govey)’

Stamp 11: The Bus Stamp Re-Imagined

Stamp 13: Thank You Farage


Stamp 14: Shooting Oneself In The Foot

Stamp 15: Something Upbeat... The Dancing Stamp

Stamp 16: One That Commemorates Leadsom’s Failed Leadership Bid

Stamp 17: The Stars Of Brexit

Stamp 18: Something ‘Moody’

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