Andrew Garfield Reveals The Unexpected Reality Show On His Bucket List

“If I win the Oscar I will come back and do it!”
Andrew Garfield
Andrew Garfield
Matt Crossick via PA Wire/PA Images

At 38 years old, we reckon Andrew Garfield has got it pretty good. He’s been a world-famous superhero thanks to Spider-Man, he performed on Broadway in Angels In America and he’s now in the running to win an Oscar following his acclaimed role in Tick, Tick… Boom.

But it turns out there’s still one thing on his bucket list. And it’s probably not what you’re expecting.

During an appearance on this week’s edition of Graham Norton’s BBC chat show, Andrew admitted he’s dying to try his hand at Strictly Come Dancing, after sharing the stage with professional Johannes Radebe.

“I hate to confess it, but I would absolutely love to do Strictly,” Andrew revealed. “It’s on the bucket list.”

“If I win the Oscar I will come back and do it!” he added.

Later in the interview, fellow guest Dawn French shared: “I might have been asked to do Strictly, but I fear I would be regarded as the funny one and made to do silly things. I take dancing seriously and I would like to do proper dancing.”

Dawn French on The Graham Norton Show
Dawn French on The Graham Norton Show
Matt Crossick via PA Wire/PA Images

The star of The Vicar Of Dibley previously shared this concern back in 2020, revealing: “They’ve approached me in a circling way before now about it. If I did it, I’d want to properly dance. I’d want to be taken seriously and you can’t. At this age, you’re not taken seriously.”

Dawn added that she feels, as a comedian, that producers would want to “shoot her out of a cannonball like Ann Widdecombe”.

“I don’t want that,” she added. “I want the nicest dresses, the most elegant other dancer and to take it seriously, and nobody would want that.”

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