Anne Robinson Doesn’t Need ‘Desperate’ Tinder To Find A Man When She Has Her Trademark Secret Weapon

'I can pull in them, I promise you.'

Anne Robinson has revealed her stint on Tinder is over before it began, just weeks after she joined the dating app.

Last month, the former ‘Weakest Link’ host opened up about using the popular app, admitting she had some pretty high standards when it came to meeting the man of her dreams.

<strong>Anne - and those famous red specs.</strong>
Anne - and those famous red specs.
Dave Hogan via Getty Images

Now the 72-year-old has admitted she doesn’t need Tinder because she has her own secret weapon - her trademark red specs.

<strong>Anne presented 'The Weakest Link' for 12 years.</strong>
Anne presented 'The Weakest Link' for 12 years.

But despite the power of her famous red glasses, Anne still isn’t convinced she’ll find a man who is a match for her.

‘The Weakest Link’ could be the next show returning to our screens, with reports claiming a new celebrity episode will air for Children In Need this November.

Anne will be at the helm again and if it proves successful, the BBC is reportedly looking into bringing it back for good.

It is claimed the series will air on Saturday nights, rather than being a teatime show, as it was when it ran from 2000 until 2012.

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