Anonymous Declares 'Total War' On Donald Trump With Cyber Attacks Planned For 1 April

The first cyber attacks are scheduled to start on 1 April...

The hacking collective known as Anonymous have set their sights on a new target in 2016, Donald Trump.

Bloomberg via Getty Images

In a video posted earlier this month the group announced that they would target both Trump's infrastructure but also his public image.

"We need you to shut down his campaign and sabotage his brand," said the spokesperson.

While the video was posted earlier this month Anonymous has announced that it will launch a series of cyber attacks on Trump's websites on the 1 April using the hashtag #OpTrump.

In a Ghostbin post the group detailed essential information about Trump and listed the sites that are planning to be targeted in future.

This isn't the first time Anonymous have targeted the Presidential candidate, earlier this year the group hacked Trump's voicemail.

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