Ant And Dec Made A Not-So-Subtle Dig At Boris Johnson During I'm A Celeb

"Forgive me...Forgive me...Forgive me..."
Ant and Dec imitated Boris Johnson during I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here
Ant and Dec imitated Boris Johnson during I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here

Ant and Dec took aim at the prime minister during Monday’s episode of I’m A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here! hours after he made a rather peculiar speech to business leaders which had everyone talking.

The comedy duo were presenting the reality series with their usual flair from Wales when they decided to give a nod to Boris Johnson’s blunders from earlier that day.

In answer to a casual question from Ant, Dec started flicking through reams of paper live on air, muttering: “I’ve got it written down somewhere....”

He then adopted a particular accent and said: “Forgive me...Forgive me...Forgive me...”

The pair did not mention Boris Johnson by name, but judging by the giggles of the crew, they didn’t need to.

Johnson has made headlines up and down the country after his speech to the Confederation of British Industry on Monday went awry.

He lost his place for 21 pain-staking seconds, during which he muttered “forgive me” three times to the waiting crowd.

He also made a curious reference to his recent family day out to Peppa Pig World, dubbing it “my kind of place”, while also referring to himself as Moses, imitating the “vrmm vrmm” of a car engine and quoting former leader of the Soviet Union Vladimir Lenin.

The speech was supposed to be about “levelling up” the country.

Unsurprisingly, a reporter asked the prime minister after his speech: “Is everything OK?”

Johnson smiled, and said: “I think people got the vast majority of the point I wanted to make. I thought the speech went over well.”