Germ-Conscious? 15 Cleaning Products For A Squeakily Hygienic Home

The best buys you need for keep your house clean without the fuss.
Useful products for making keeping your home clean a hell of a lot easier
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Useful products for making keeping your home clean a hell of a lot easier

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Thanks to a global pandemic, there has been a huge shift towards ensuring our homes are as hygienically clean as possible. The outbreak of Covid has changed many of us into self-confessed germaphobes.

It’s natural to want to maintain a good level of cleanliness at home, but doing so shouldn’t take up a huge chunk of time each day. If you’re going to keep your home (and your belongings) clean, you need ways to clean that are quick, easy, and most importantly, super effective.

Luckily, there’s a slew of super affordable and ultra easy-to-use gadgets and products available to turn keeping your home clean into an absolute cinch.

This lavender-scented hand gel
For keeping hands clean while pottering about, this lavender hand gel is the one. The handy pump bottle will allow you to cleanse your hands quickly and the scent is great.
This alcohol and bleach free cleaning spray
This subtly mint-scented, two-in-one formula works to clean and disinfect, killing 99.99% of germs. It's also 100% plant-based.
This all-purpose cleaning spray
For naturally powered cleaning, this plant-based, non-toxic cleaning spray from Method has a subtle floral scent, and works like a dream on a wide range of surfaces.
This UV sanitiser box (and charger)
This wireless charger doubles as a versatile UV sanitising box, ideal for cleaning phones, ear buds, glasses, watches, remote controls, and more.
This air purifier with a HEPA filter
It's not just surfaces you need to think about but the air too. This smart purifier removes dirt, dust, allergens, odours, pet dander, and more, ensuring you'll breath clearer air.
This ultra hygienic hands-free soap dispenser
Prevent nasty germs spreading via your soap dispenser with this touchless, USB rechargeable soap decanter. Simply pop your hands in front of the sensor and the perfect amount of soap will pump out.
This tooth brush steriliser
Toothbrushes can get properly grimy, which is where this handy tool comes in. Stick your brush into this portable UV steriliser to keep the head clean and germ-free.
This lavender laundry sanitiser
This bacteria blasting laundry cleanser is effective even on low washes and great for ensuring that even kids clothes and pet bedding stay clean and hygienic as can be.
This antibacterial washing up liquid
For keeping your plates, cups and crockery sparkling, this antibacterial washing up liquid will do the job.
This antibacterial hand wash
While hand wash might not clean a home, a good antibacterial soap will ensure your family or flatmates pick ups and spread fewer germs about the place.
This 10-in-one steam mop
For keeping your floors, surfaces and furniture clean without chemicals, this steam mop is the one, killing 99.9% of bacteria and viruses with just water. it's also safe to use around pets and children.
This portable hospital grade sanitising spray
This mini surface sanitising spray is ideal for cleaning on the go, thanks to its small size. Made with 75% pharmaceutical grade alcohol, it kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses in a single spray.
These child-friendly wipes that kill bacteria, fungi and viruses
These biodegradable wipes kill 99.9% of bacteria but are so gentle they can even be used on baby soothers and bottle teats with no rinsing.
This antibacterial spray is super easy to use
This no-wipe antibacterial spray can be sprayed onto high-touch surfaces – from door handles to loos – quickly and easily. You don’t need to even wipe the formula off, simply wait for it to dry.
These rhubarb and casis wipes smell heavenly
Formulated to cut through grease, grime, these large wipes are suitable for use on multiple surfaces, from kitchen to bathrooms - and everywhere in between.

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