16 Products That Make Cleaning Your Cruddy Home Appliances So Much Easier

Minimum elbow grease, maximum shine with these miracle home cleaning must-haves.
Handy cleaning buys for easier appliance cleaning
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Handy cleaning buys for easier appliance cleaning

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Sick and tired of feeling like your fittings and appliances are a nightmare to keep clean? We’ve all got those white goods, gadgets and gizmos that, regardless of our go-to cleaning formulas, never look 100% clean. The grime, grease, and all manner of other nasty residues remain no matter how hard you scrub. Sigh.

Panic not, because we’ve got your back from the best cleaners for a sparkling kitchen, including formulas to remove the crud from your hob and leave your fridge smelling fresh, to the best products for tackling limescale in every appliance, from your kettle to your loo.

To help you stock your cleaning arsenal with the right cleaning products, we’ve rounded up all the best powders, pastes, sprays that are guaranteed to get the job done.

This gloriously scented antibacterial spray
This rhubarb and cassis scented cleaning spray not only kills 99.9% of germs and cuts through grease and grime, it also smells absolutely amazing. Safe for use on hobs, sinks, microwaves, fridges, and lots of other areas, this multipurpose disinfectant spray is a great buy.
This powerful foaming in-loo cleaner
Blast through limescale build-up and other cruddy toilet stains with this activated carbon formula that quickly and effectively cleans and freshens.
This clever microwave and oven cleaner
Fill this ‘Angry Mama’ microwave and oven cleaner with a mix of vinegar and water and pop it in your oven or microwave, for a clean, fresh interior in minutes. It’s super easy to use, is non-toxic, and makes cleaning tough stains quick and easy.
This hygienic fridge cleaning spray
Whether your fridge shelves are looking grimy, there’s a slight odour to its interior, or you’ve noticed the glass is rather smeary, this fast action, hygienic fridge cleaner works wonders. It’s easy to use, thanks to its no-rinse formula, and dries in seconds.
This all-purpose descaler
Whether it’s your iron, kettle, or coffee machine that has a limescale problem, this all-purpose, powerful descaler will remove limescale, prolonging appliance life.
These useful fridge and microwave cleaning wipes
Give your fridge and microwave a deep clean with this handy cleaning wipes. They're safe for use in areas where food is stored and prepared, kill germs quickly, and leave surfaces smelling wonderfully fresh.
These in-wash dishwasher cleaning tabs
For sprucing your dishwasher, these handy tabs are ideal. Reaching even hidden areas, such as spray arms, filters, pipes, and the water pump, they give your machine the deep clean it needs and don't even need to run on an empty cycle.
This powerful hob cleaner
Struggle to remove the water rings (and other grease and grime) from your hob? This cream hob cleaner is a total game-changer, making removing burnt on food and spills quick and easy, leaving your stove top sparkling.
This deep cleaning washing machine liquid
This liquid washing machine cleanser freshens, cleans, and maintains your machine, removing limescale, dirt, and detergent residue from even the hardest-to-reach places. It also helps to extend machine life and conditions rubber parts, such as seals and tubes.
These handy toilet cleaning pumice stones
Got a grotty looking toilet bowl. This long-handled scrubber is perfect for tackling limescale, hard water stains, and calcium deposits that a normal toilet brush would be unable to remove. Made from volcanic rock, it’s also odourless and non-toxic.
This smart fridge deodouriser
Find that even when you clean your fridge it always has a bit of smell to it? This fridge odour remover and deodoriser will change that, keeping your fridge smelling fresh for up to three months by absorbing smells and excess moisture.
These game-changing coffee machine and kettle desclaer tabs
Noticed a bit of a limescale build up in your kettle? Feel like your coffee isn’t tasting as fresh? Pop a couple of these fast-dissolving descaling tabs into each appliance and you should quickly notice a difference.
This easy-to-use dishwasher cleaner
Pop this dishwasher cleaning powerhouse into your machine, switch it on, and wait to see the results.
This deep cleaning washing machine cleaner
Give your washing machine a good old clean out with this antibacterial, lemon-scented powder that will absorb and neutralise build-up of dirt and grime, in addition to excess detergent.
This handy fridge unblocker set
This unblocker pack is perfect for giving your fridge’s insides the deep clean they need. Use the handy brush to clean the drain holes within your fridge, keeping grime and bad odours at bay.
This miracle cleaning paste
This non-toxic, multi-purpose cleaning paste is absolutely incredible. It can be used on almost anything, from deep cleaning your oven and stove top to giving your barbecue and saucepans a scrub. It's non-toxic and not tested on animals.