15/11/2017 12:04 GMT

Winter Hair Trends: Anti-Bleach Is The New Hair Dying Sensation From London's Not Another Salon

Options, thank goodness.

Not Another Salon’s #Antibleach campaign is fast becoming the winter hair trend of 2018, (especially among those who are keen not to damage their locks). 

Stylists at the Brick Lane-based salon wanted to offer clients who wanted bright hair colours an alternative to bleach treatments that could leave them with damaged hair. 

“As a company that is obsessed with hair condition we started to experiment with blonde hair colour instead of bleach,” Sophia Hilton, founder of Not Another Salon, told HuffPost UK. “In shades that would lighten enough to apply certain vivid shades over them.”

And the #antibleach results are stunning. 

There are restrictions on the technique however, as clients with darker hair may not be able to get the same effect as those with lighter tones can. 

The good news is that texture is not a factor in getting this look.

In other words, those with afro hair textures can enjoy the intense colour too - so long as their hair is not too dark. 

 They’ve achieved rich colours on afro textures, like emerald green, deep pink and midnight purple.

“What people don’t realise is that afro hair is the weakest hair type of all, so for that reason a more gentle technique can be perfect,” explained Hilton.

The treatment is for “someone who wants to grow their hair while still having vivid colours.” 

Hilton says they’re noticing a particular colour trend emerging among their clients. 

“We’re doing a hell of a lot of copper at the moment and I don’t see that trend slowing down,” she adds. 

You only need to look at their Instagram feed to see all the gorgeous hues they’re creating. 

“We tend to find people experiment with pink and purples and get braver over time,” Hilton explained. “Moving on to blues and greens when they have become braver.”