Watch As Anti-Boris Johnson Protesters March Against Election Result

Hundreds of protestors have taken to the streets.

Crowds of protestors are marching through central London in opposition to the newly-elected Tory majority in Thursday’s general election.

A heavy police presence was seen close to the Cenotaph in Whitehall, which was cordoned off as clashes broke out.

The Metropolitan Police said two arrests had been made in relation to the protests, one person on suspicion of assaulting a police officer and another for suspected affray.

Demonstrators carrying placards with the slogans No to Boris Johnson, No to Racism and Defy Tory Rule cried out ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn’ and let off red smoke flares during angry protests, PA Media reports

They travelled down Whitehall before moving towards Millbank and Horseferry Road, shouting “the people, united, we will never be defeated”.

Police were overheard shouting “box them in” as they tried to contain the crowds with a cordon.

Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party stormed to victory at the polls, and now hold 365 parliamentary seats.

It’s not yet clear how many activists have taken to the streets, but pictures captured at the scene show a crowd of people marching through the city centre.

Video shared online shows a heavy police presence surrounding a crowd as they chant “not my prime minister”, carrying placards stating “defy Tory rule”.

Footage on social media appears to show a number of London protesters clashing with officers as anger over the result mounts.

A spokesperson from the Met Police said nobody had been arrested and confirmed officer had been deployed in order to facilitate to protest.

Video shared on Twitter from Glasgow also shows a significant number of protestors marching through the city, chanting “not my prime minister”.

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