Apple's Privacy Website Shows Everything It Knows About You

Download everything with these easy steps.

Apple has just unveiled its brand-new privacy website which allows you to download all the information that it collects on you as well as temporarily deactivate or permanently delete your account.

The new privacy dashboard reveals just how much and in fact, how little information Apple actually collects on each of its users.

Now while we’re not saying they’re perfect, but it turns out Apple actually collects a lot less personal information than say Google which knows just about everything about you.

Apple’s privacy site is part of the company’s compliance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), a vast new piece of privacy law for the EU that goes into effect on Friday 25 May.

As part of that law, every company that holds personal data on a person has to both let them know what they’re collecting and then also allow the person to download that information.

It’s a really powerful tool that allows people to take back control of their identities online and you can read a no-nonsense explainer on how it all works here.

How to see everything Apple collects on you:

Apple has actually let you see the type of information it collects on you and even control that through your iOS devices and through the iCloud account page.

However this site simplifies everything by giving you quick access to the main tools: Downloading your data, correcting it, deactivating your account and permanently deleting your account.

First head to this link here and then log in using your Apple ID. Once you’re logged in, you’ll see Get a copy of your data and below that Get started written in blue. Click on that.


You can now see every service that Apple provides and in turn has collected data on you. This includes everything from the photos in your iCloud account to the AppleCare repair requests you’ve made through an Apple Store.

You’ll see a checklist that allows you to tick or untick which pieces of the information you want to download. Once you’ve chosen what to download scroll and and click on Continue.

Note: Now while much of this might make interesting reading, once the data is on your computer it is now arguably less secure than it was before, so treat it with extreme care.


You’ll now be asked to choose how you want to receive this information. This allows you to easily reduce the file sizes and in turn the amount of strain it puts on your internet connection.

Once you’ve chosen, simply click on Complete Request.


That’s it! You’ll then receive an email confirming your request along with the disclaimer that it may take Apple up to seven days to collect all the data.

Once it’s ready to download you’ll be sent another email with a link that will start the download.


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