AQA Biology GCSE Exam Prompts Dread Among Students

'Snakes don't hiss, they give you two six mark questions.'

Friday’s final AQA Biology GCSE papers left some students dreading results day, if reaction on post-exam Twitter is anything to go by.

The B2 and B3 exams capped off the subject for secondary pupils, who now have two papers each for both physics and chemistry.

It’s safe to say many didn’t feel confident about their performance.

Meanwhile a double six-mark question devastated even the most hardened of students.

The first paper of the three-part AQA Biology GCSE left students furious at the inclusion of an unexpected term.

The test, which covered the study of living organisms, apparently asked: “What is meant by the term independent business?”

The unexpected question, which related to a drugs trial company, caused a flurry of anger last month.

Yet there were other controversies in the exam - including problematic assumptions about the drinking habits of 15-year-olds.

Lorna Armstrong, a student from Newcastle who began the petition, wrote: “I believe that AQA should issue an apology for including this question”.

AQA told The Huffington Post UK last month it had “no problem” with the questions on the exam.

A spokesperson added: “Exams aren’t meant to be easy and students are obviously going to tweet about that, but there was nothing wrong with this paper. We wish everyone the best of luck with the rest of their exams.”


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