Are You Using The Right Duvet This Spring?

Like anyone actually knows what tog count means...
Adrian Mocanu / 500px via Getty Images

Do you find that as the seasons change, your sleeping habits are impacted?

According to recent research, this could be at least in part because you’re using the wrong duvet tog for the season that you’re in. Yes, that’s right, you’re not even using duvets correctly. Sorry.

Fortunately, the experts at Bed Kingdom have broken down the ideal duvet tog for each season so you can plan accordingly and have restful, quality sleep year-round.

Okay So, What Is A Duvet Tog Rating?

A commonly held belief is that tog refers to the thickness of duvets but it is actually an acronym for ‘Thermal Overall Grade’ and it’s a measure of how effectively the duvet material traps heat. Duvet togs range from 1-15. Duvet togs on the lower end of this scale tend to be lighter and cooler and the higher on the scale, the heavier and more insulating the duvet is.

Of course, no two bedrooms are the same and no two bodies are the same. Some people tend to run a little cooler and will need heavier duvets even in warmer months so before committing to buying a duvet, take your own circumstances and body into consideration. According to Bed Kingdom, though, the ideal duvet tog ratings for each season are:

Spring: 7-10.5 tog
Summer: 1-4.5 tog
Autumn: 7-10.5 tog
Winter: 12-15 tog

Regulating body temperature does more than keep the night sweats at bay. It can improve your sleep quality which leads to improved mental and physical health, mood and overall productivity!

Don’t Sleep On Having More Than One Duvet

Yes we know, more than one duvet sounds wild. In fact, according to Bed Kingdom, duvets purchases are less frequent than other bedding purchases and when finances are tight, this can feel a little frivolous.

However, even just having two separate duvets for the warmer and colder seasons will make a huge difference and help you maintain optimal sleep conditions as the seasons change. Also, if you do run a little more cold, you can put both duvets within one duvet cover to be extra snug and cosy in the Winter months.

What’s The Best Duvet Tog For Year-Round?

Low on space or feeling the financial pinch right now? Don’t worry, you can get one duvet at 10.5 tog that should keep you regulated throughout the year as long as you’re not prone to overheating or feeling the chill throughout the night.

What Else Is Important When Buying A Duvet?

Of course, your bed size should be considered but if you share with a partner or enjoy wrapping your duvet around you in colder months, you may want to size up. So, for example, if you have a double bed, a king size duvet could give you the excess that you need.

If you can afford to splash out a little on natural insulating materials such as duck, goose feather or down, these are more effective at trapping and retaining heat and also need to be replaced less frequently as they’re very durable.

Of course, this isn’t possible for everybody and synthetic duvets made with hollow fibre or polyester come with their own benefits such as being a lot cheaper, hypoallergenic, are easier to clean and often keep you cooler on sweaty summer nights.

Finally, if you are cautious with how often you turn the heating on, you might want a thicker duvet to keep you warmer throughout the night.