The 9 MPs Most At Risk From Losing Their Seats By Voting For Article 50

These MPs have small majorities in pro-Remain seats

In her resignation letter as she quit the Labour’s frontbench, Tulip Siddiq claimed it was her job to represent her pro-Remain constituency in Parliament, not the other way round.

The Hampstead and Kilburn MP is certainly not the only parliamentarian facing the dilemma of whether to abide by the national result and support Brexit measures in the Commons, or reflect how their constituency voted.

MPs with large majorities have more freedom to vote with their conscience, meaning Brexit-backing Kate Hoey will not fear losing all of 12,708 majority in Vauxhall - despite just 22% of voters in her constituency voting Leave.

However, other MPs thinking about backing the Article 50 Bill may well be worried about their small majorities in pro-Remain seats if May were to call a snap election.

Here are 9 MPs with small majorities considering going against their constituency result in the referendum and backing the Article 50 Bill.

Christian Matheson, Labour
Chris Matheson
Majority: 93
EU referendum result: 57% Remain
Gavin Barwell, Conservative
Chris Radburn/PA Archive
Croydon Central
Majority: 165
EU referendum result: 51% Remain
Margaret Greenwood, Labour
Peter Byrne/PA Archive
Wirral West
Majority: 417
EU referendum result: 57% Remain
Simon Kirby, Conservative
Clive Gee/PA Archive
Brighton Kemptown
Majority: 690
EU Referendum result: 57% Remain
David Mundell, Conservative (Scottish Secretary)
Jane Barlow/PA Wire
Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale and Tweeddale
Majority: 798
EU Referendum result: 56% Remain
Maria Caulfield, Conservative
Maria Caulfield
Majority: 1,083
EU Referendum result: 53% remain
Joan Ryan, Labour
Katie Collins/PA Archive
Enfield North
Majority: 1,086
EU Referendum: 52% remain
Tania Mathias, Conservative
Jonathan Brady/PA Archive
Majority: 2,017
EU Referendum Result: 66% Remain
Craig Williams, Conservative
Cardiff North
Majority: 2,137
EU Referendum Result: 60% Remain

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