10/05/2016 15:59 BST | Updated 10/05/2016 16:52 BST

Asda Cannabis Smoking Stunt Performed By Rapper Black The Ripper, Infamous For 'Hotboxing' The London Eye

Latest stunt from the man who hotboxed the London eye.

Rapper Black The Ripper has posted a video on social media showing him smoking a cannabis joint in Asda, following an earlier stunt where he "hotboxed" the London Eye. 

The performer, real-name Ital Samson, posted the clip on Instagram on Tuesday, which shows him toking a joint as he walks through the Asda store.

One of his followers suggested it the supermarket was in Colindale, London, but its location remains unconfirmed.

The clip, posted on Samson's Dank Of England account - a pro-cannabis group that sells a range of merchandise -   was well received, gaining over 1,000 likes and prompting almost 200, largely congratulatory, comments. 

One follower wrote: "True G, top man", while others wondered how Samson is able to avoid arrest for his cannabis smoking stunts. Other comments included a suggestion to get "pre-drinks at Tesco" before doing the stunt again, and "sparking up in Aldi" next. 

@blacktheripper gettin high in #Asda #LightUpEverywhere #FreeTheWeed #DankOfEngland 😤⛽🔥🍁🇬🇧🍁

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On April 20 last year, Samson and his Dank of England followers rented a London Eye pod to smoke cannabis in, much to the amusement of tourists. 

Samson, who refers to himself as a "motivated stoner" often posts videos of himself on social media smoking cannabis in public - one even features a police officer who is seen confiscating his joint, but not before he takes a few few tokes.

One of his songs is called Light Up Everywhere, which features him walking around London streets smoking cannabis. 

A Asda spokesperson said: "Asda is a family-friendly retailer and we expect all our customers to abide by the law and recognise the strict no-smoking policy we have in place across our stores."