Geoffrey Cox: People Are Really Enjoying The Attorney General's Magnificent Booming Voice - Even If Brexit's A Mess

A series of audiobooks is surely only a matter of time.

It was another crunch moment in the interminable march towards the European Union exit doors: Geoffrey Cox, the Attorney General, giving a statement to MPs on the legal niceties of Brexit.

It turned out to be significant, with a cross-party group of MPs triggering historic ‘contempt of Parliament’ proceedings after Cox - Theresa May’s top law officer - refused to publish his legal advice.

But before that difficulty emerged, Cox in full flow was a sight to the behold. A QC by trade, Cox is in possession of a booming voice more readily associated with a lead player at Shakespeare’s Globe. The combination was mesmerising for many onlookers.

He reminded people of more celebrated theatrical names

And there were plenty of ideas on what he should do next

At one stage, he chewed up the scenery ...

... going full Al Pacino-by-way-of-Doughty Street Chambers as he blasted the “baying and shouting” of the Labour Party, urging them to “grow up and get real”.

Not that everyone was impressed

And just in case you were wondering ...


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