Geoffrey Cox

Prime minister on the defensive while making plea to international leaders on climate change.
John Gray, chair of the Torridge and West Devon Conservatives, said Cox was a "superb constituency MP” with an “astonishing work ethic".
Tory MPs such as Iain Duncan Smith and Geoffrey Cox are in hot water after taking lucrative second jobs.
“It’s good that it’s not all just about politics," Sajid Javid said.
Ex-attorney general is alleged to have offered legal advice to the British Virgin Islands from his office while dialling in remotely to a hearing.
Boris Johnson will reshape his cabinet. Here are the position set to change, according to the rumour mill.
But people are not happy about how the attorney general phrased the announcement.
Attorney general reveals the government will "shortly" ask MPs to back a snap election.
But attorney general thinks a "great deal of persuasion" would be needed for ministers to agree.