18/10/2017 15:06 BST

Australian Attorney General George Brandis Mispronounces Colleagues' Name, Gets Branded 'Brand-Arse'

'That's just how I pronounce it.'

Australia’s Attorney General has been schooled in etiquette - and grammar - after having his surname reportedly pronounced “Brand-arse” after he refused to correctly say his colleague’s name.

George Brandis has been repeatedly criticised for failing to say Richard Di Natale’s surname properly.

Brandis’s comments were widely criticised on social media.

When challenged on the mispronounciation, Brandis retorted: “I mean no offence Senator Di Natale, that’s just the way I pronounce the English language. I’m sorry if my pronunciation is imperfect.”

He then persisted to incorrectly pronounce his colleague’s name.

In retaliation, senator Peter Whish-Wilson later referred to Brandis as “Brand-arse”, according to local media reports.

He then apologised saying: “That’s just how I pronounce it.”

Brandis hit the headlines in August after receiving a standing ovation for delivering a heartfelt takedown of a farcical stunt carried out by Pauline Hanson after she entered the Senate wearing a burqa.