21/02/2017 10:35 GMT | Updated 21/02/2017 10:35 GMT

Five-Month-Old Baby With New Glasses Seeing His Mum Clearly For The First Time Is Adorable To Watch

His face ❤️

A five-month-old baby boy was filmed the moment he was given his first pair of glasses, which allowed him to see clearly for the first time. 

The baby had a +7 glasses prescription, which means he is long-sighted. 

Baby Emil, who is from Denmark, went from shock, to surprise, to all smiles when he finally was able to see his mum properly.

Just look at his little face. 


Emil’s mum, Christine Amalie-Johanne Friis Rosenhøj, posted the video to Facebook on 13 February and wrote: “Today is a great day.

“Emil got his glasses. The journey has been long and our little baby has really been through a lot to sit here and smile with his little glasses, but they’re here.”

The video had been viewed more than 1.3 million times within just over a week of being posted. 

“It amazes me how they know what prescription a baby needs when they can’t communicate, but the beauty of those little smiles when they see clearly for the first time just melts my heart,” one person wrote.

It melts ours, too. 

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