24/08/2017 14:54 BST

Woman Jokes She Wants To 'Shoot' Friend Over Baby Name Choice, Sparks Online Debate

'I feel so sorry for the poor kid.' 👶

A woman has sparked a baby name debate online after jokingly claiming she wants to “shoot” her friend for the name he gave his daughter.

The woman said her friend had called his baby Tinkerbell and, although she knows it’s none of her business, she disagrees with his decision.

“I feel so sorry for the poor kid,” she wrote on 15 August. “She’s going to go through torture at school, not to mention the rest of her life.

“Imagine a high court judge called Tinkerbell.”

valio84sl via Getty Images

Mumsnet users were divided over whether the woman had a right to judge her friend’s baby name choice. 

Many called the name a “fail”, commenting with phrases including “poor child” and “oh my”.

“I’m with you, the poor baby,” one person wrote. “Have you told him she will be known as Stinkerbell at school?”

Another commented: “I can already imagine the hysterical laughter and rolled eyes in the staff room when she starts school.”

And another simply wrote: “Truly shocking - poor kid.”

However other parents encouraged the original poster to be kinder to her friend about his baby name choice.

“I know a child called Tinkerbell, she’s fine and no bullying, other kids think it’s cool,” one wrote.

“That’s right OP it’s none of your business, she is not your daughter,” commented another.

And another Mumsnet user wrote: “Wonder if the mum is on here? I’d be devastated if a friend had started a thread mocking my baby’s name, especially when so hormonal in the early days.”

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