24/04/2017 10:59 BST

Unique Baby Names: Parents Discuss Seriously 'WTF' Names They Have Come Across

'Why would you put your child through it?'

Parents have taken to Mumsnet to discuss some of the strangest baby names they’ve come across.

Mumsnet user CuppaTeaTeddy started the discussion after explaining there was a boy in her school year whose middle names were Ryan Giggs.

“Anyone else come across strange reasons/funny names that made you wonder why the parents would want to put their child through it?” the mum wrote on 17 April.

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Parents replied in their hundreds with hilarious names they’d heard before.

“Friend of a friend was apparently called Crystal Maze,” one person wrote. “Not sure of the spelling, and I think she was actually named before the TV show.

“I’ve also met a Dr D’Eath.”

Another commented: “A friend of mine knows a couple who named their son Daddy-Cool.

“I really hope that little boy is cool enough to make that name work for him.”

One mum wrote: “There is a Harry Potter in my daughter’s class!”

Other slightly odd first names that parents had heard included: “Butterfly”, “Diesel”, “Danger” and “Tiara”.

Other funny combinations included: “Jo King”, “Missy Pitts” and “Wayne Kerr”. 

After reading the names, the original poster commented: “I don’t understand why families with unfortunate last names don’t help by giving their children terrible first names too.”

Have you come across any funny names parents have given their children? Let us know in the comments below. 

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