What Colour Should My Baby's Poo Be? Reasons Why Your Newborn's Faeces May Be Yellow, Black Or Orange

'Babies start off with a poo that looks almost like black treacle.' 💩💩💩

As adults, we are all familiar with what poo should look like, but with babies it’s a whole new ball game.

Because their diets are exclusively milk, they don’t produce poo the same way we do and therefore, you might find the colour quite unusual.

“Babies start off with a poo that looks almost like black treacle with a strange green tint to it,” said paediatrician Dr Keir Shiels. “This is called meconium and it’s the first poo that baby passes.”

Dr Shiels explained that a baby’s poo will then go through phases of being orange, bright yellow and even a “wholegrain mustard texture with specks”.

To find out more and why you may need to see a doctor if your baby’s poo is a certain colour, watch the video above.

Rayes via Getty Images

Baby 101’ is HuffPost UK’s parenting video series with paediatrician, Dr Keir Shiels, addressing topics mums and dads may face in their first year of being a parent. From colic to trapped wind, crying babies and their nappy contents, he answers some of the most common questions new parents have.

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