Babysitters Reveal The Creepiest Things Children Have Said To Them When Their Parents Weren't Around


Babysitters have opened up about the most unsettling things children have said to them when their parents were out.

Some of the kids might have been joking around, but others may have been deadly serious. Either way, it’s creeping us out.

We’ve rounded up 10 of the weirdest responses from Reddit in the list below.

So, erm, enjoy?

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1. “My goddaughter used to talk about seeing the people under her porch, but the creepiest thing she’s ever said was when she was five, looked straight at me and said: ‘Your master wishes to see you in the pit’ and then turned and skipped away, the pit is what her parents call hell.”

2. While babysitting a little girl, the girl looked at my mum and said: “I could kill you right now and nobody would even know’.”

3. “I put my nephew down for a nap, heard him making a fuss in his room so I went to talk him back into a nap. He’s sitting in his bed, staring at a wall. I asked him to lay back down. He says: ‘Don’t talk to him while we’re playing’.”

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4. “When I was babysitting my nephew I was holding him up just after dinner. He looked to the side of me, pointed and said: ‘Look at the people!’ I said: ‘Buddy there is no one over there’, to which he replied: ‘Oh yes there are while gesturing at individual spots in the yard. I did not sleep well’.”

5. “I was playing with the kid (two) outside in the snow and it started to get cold so I picked them up and was carrying them back inside when they pointed at the tree line and asked me: ‘Who’s that?’. The house was five miles away from any other houses at a pretty secluded spot. There shouldn’t be anyone there. I still don’t know what’s worse, that the kid was playing a creepy joke on me (they were only two), or that there was genuinely someone in the woods.”

6. “Was in the kitchen making a sandwich for the kid, and he comes in and sits down. He seems to look like he’s thinking about something and then he looks at me dead in the eyes and says: ‘If I killed somebody would anybody know it ever happened if I just ate the body in a sandwich?’”

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7. “I babysat a little girl and we were sitting down having lunch and she looked at me and asked when her little brother would be able to play. I was very confused as her mother wasn’t expecting and she was an only child. A few months later her mum announced she was pregnant. When the gender was revealed a while later, it was a little boy. I was a bit freaked out.”

8. “A girl said to me: ‘I don’t want to go upstairs alone. The man in my room might be there’. She explained she saw him in her room at night. I told her it was probably just her dad checking on her. She said no, because this guy was tall and skinny and her dad was short and fat. She was three.”

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