29/08/2017 10:32 BST

Back To Work: 9 Priceless Stock Photos That Sum Up The Nightmare Of The Post-Bank Holiday Hangover

Wait until you see headless coffee junkie.

The Bank Holiday is over and everyone’s wondering how the hell it passed so quickly.

As you reach for another bucket-load of coffee to survive a Tuesday that feels like a Monday, here are nine hilarious stock photos that you might be able to relate to.

Please note these are the descriptions that came with the stock photos.

1) 'Exhausted woman in bed wanting more coffee’

cglade via Getty Images
Who's pouring it and why won't they stop?

2) ‘Messy man sleeping with pizza on his forehead’

mediaphotos via Getty Images
He got a pizza the action.

3) ‘Young woman oversleeping and being late’

Marjan_Apostolovic via Getty Images
What time?

4) ‘Beautiful woman with a painful pounding headache’

Robert Byron via Getty Images
Is that a beanbag?

5) ‘Headless coffee junkie’

Minerva Studio via Getty Images
No words.

6) ‘Sick and ill dachshund sausage dog isolated on white background with ice pack or bag on the head’

damedeeso via Getty Images
But is it an ice pack or a bag?

7) ‘Man waking up with a headache, his beer goggles still on, cuddling with a beer bottle from the night before’

CareyHope via Getty Images
Beer goggles.

8) ‘Exhausted young businessman yawning at work in office’

Tomwang112 via Getty Images
So. Tired.

9) ‘Angry young businesswoman sitting with stack of folders at office desk’

Wavebreakmedia via Getty Images
So. Angry.

Good luck getting through it peeps.

Only four days until the weekend!