Back To Work: 11 Thoughts EVERYONE Has During The Bank Holiday Comedown

Spoiler: Lots of coffee involved.
Wavebreakmedia via Getty Images

Everyone loves having an extra day off on the last weekend in August but for some reason returning to work seems a little bit harder after three days off.

After experiencing the hottest August Bank Holiday Monday on record, people are taking to social media to talk about the struggle that is... #BackToWork.

Here are 11 thoughts everyone is having, which show the struggle is real and to hopefully cheer all you poor hungover bunnies up.

1) Why did the weekend go so quickly?

2) Whyyy?

3) Whyyyyyyy?

4) Why does this Tuesday feel like a Monday?

5) Where is the coffee?

6) Where’s MY coffee?

7) Where is my next coffee?

8) How much coffee is too much coffee?

9) Whyyyyyy?

10) But hey it’s Tuesday, it’s not Monday.

11) It’s only four days until the weekend!


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