The Natural, All-Purpose Balm For Babies That Parents Are Calling A 'Miracle In A Jar'

A soothing solution for eczema, sore noses and nappy rash loved by both midwives and mums.
Balmonds Skin Salvation
Balmonds Skin Salvation

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When it comes to buying any product for your baby, whether it is food, toys, or skincare used on their delicate body, there are a number of factors to contend with to ensure it is safe to use.

British skincare brand, Balmonds, prides itself on delivering exactly that with its array of skincare solutions suitable for every customer’s needs, including babies.

Balmonds specialises in gentle creams, oils, balms and washes, to combat various ailments in any one, of any age.

But there is one hero product in particular everyone must have on their radar, which is Skin Salvation.

Skin Salvation was one of Balmonds first products to launch in 2007, and over the last 16 years it has continued to prove hugely popular with customers, especially parents.

The natural multipurpose balm has been hailed the “one-stop shop for skincare needs” by Balmonds, as it functions as a gentle emollient for children, as well as adults, with sensitive, eczema-prone skin, psoriasis, dermatitis, dry skin, rosacea and scarring.

The award-winning balm has received the most praise from parents seeking baby-friendly solutions to treat their child’s nappy rash, eczema, chapped cheeks and lips, as well as sore noses.

Plus, mums can also use the multifunctional product to heal sore nipples caused by breastfeeding, cracked hands, heels, lips, as well as any other flare ups they may be suffering with during their pregnancy or postnatal.

Skin Salvation is made entirely from natural ingredients, as it has been formulated using sustainably sourced beeswax, which works to lock in moisture, hydrate and soothe the targeted area, as well as support the skin’s barrier.

The balm’s formulation also includes herbal tinctures, such as chamomile, calendula, chickweed, nettle, as well as hemp seed, olive and safflower oils, which combine to soothe any inflammation, nourish the skin and heal any wounds or open sores causing pain and discomfort.

The balm provides a protective layer to shield raw skin from contact with germs or allergens, which could exacerbate any skin conditions.

Skin Salvation is fragrance free, and does not contain harmful ingredients, such as synthetics, steroids, and paraffin, which could cause further irritation.

Balmonds has ensured the balm is entirely safe to use, and does not sting when it touches sensitive skin like some lotions can do, which is paramount when used on a child’s gentle skin.

The must-have treatment has been dermatologist tested and approved as suitable for atopic/eczema-prone skin, as well as safe to use on sensitive skin for people of all ages, including babies above six weeks old.

Not only is Skin Salvation dermatologist approved, but the salve has also been midwife-approved, and highly rated by parents.

Midwife Marley Hall and baby Oscar are both fans of Skin Salvation
Midwife Marley Hall and baby Oscar are both fans of Skin Salvation

Speaking about the bestselling balm, midwife Marley Hall said: “Balmonds Skin Salvation is a wonderfully natural, safe, and effective solution for skin sensitivities for mums and babies through pregnancy, postnatally and during infant/childhood. As a mother of a child with sensitive skin myself, Balmonds has been an absolute saviour for us both.”

Other customers have hailed Skin Salvation a “life saver”, “gamechanger” and a miracle worker.

A separate customer, Amber Leigh, also shared: “My three month old baby had been suffering with extreme eczema, his skin was completely raw and cracked, causing lots of itching and discomfort. The flare up became so intense his eyelids were swollen almost shut. After trying various prescription creams I decided to order Skin Salvation, this stuff is magical. My baby’s skin is clearing up so fast! I didn’t believe the hype to begin with but it really is amazing.”

Another gushed: “This is my third jar of skin salvation. Absolutely love the stuff. It’s magical!! Everyone in the family uses it, but it’s made the biggest difference to my three-year-old who’s suffered from eczema all his life.”

Balmonds has expanded its skincare collection beyond Skin Salvation, as the label offers numerous other skincare buys, as well as hair and bodycare products to treat an array of health conditions, or specific target areas, which need TLC.

The brand offers a vegan collection, as well as gentle products for diabetics, and those completing radio or chemotherapy treatments and seeking safe skincare to use.

From healing balms, to nourishing scalp oils and hair treatments, scar ointments, moisturisers, and expertly curated bundles, Balmonds has a whole host of beauty products to cater to every customer’s needs, ailments, and budgets, available to shop online now.