Barack Obama Meets Jeremy Corbyn But Only Discusses The EU 'Very Briefly'

The meeting was 'excellent', he said.
<strong>Jeremy Corbyn arrives for a private meeting with Barack Obama at Lindley Hall in Westminster</strong>
Jeremy Corbyn arrives for a private meeting with Barack Obama at Lindley Hall in Westminster
Steve Parsons/PA Wire

Jeremy Corbyn has followed Prince George's example and turned up for his meeting with US President Barack Obama dressed down.

Obama has come to Britain to voice support for the UK's EU membership and may be under the impression that the only person who dressed up to meet him is David Cameron.

He met two-year-old future monarch Prince George, who showed off his indifference to leaders whose power came from being elected by wearing his dressing gown.

<strong>'And what do you do?'</strong>
'And what do you do?'
Kensington Palace/Pete Souza/Whi/PA Wire

Corbyn arrived to meet Obama at Lindley Hall, central London, without a tie.

There had been some doubts over whether the meeting would go ahead. As this is not a state visit, opposition leaders are not automatically granted an audience with the president.

The Labour leader emerged after almost 90 minutes later - wearing a tie - to say the meeting was "excellent". He told reporters the pair touched on a number of topics, including the European Union (EU) "very briefly".

Though he put a tie on and wore a proper suit, it is unclear whether he sang the national anthem to Obama, thereby completing the hat trick of what David Cameron told him to do previously.

Steve Parsons/PA Wire

Corbyn said the US president congratulated him on being elected leader of the Labour Party.

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