Bare Butt Jeans Might Be The Next Big Denim Trend Thanks To Vetements And Levi (Yes, Really)

Oh, hell no 🙊

Denim just took an unexpected turn in 2017 and we’re genuinely scared.

Thanks to a collaboration between French fashion brand Vetements and Levi, bare butt jeans might just be the next big thing.

Posting a sneak peek to Instagram for #VetementsxLevi, the duo have created a pair of jeans with a zipper positioned straight down the derrière.

#VETEMENTSxLEVIS @kevingiacco

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Why? It’s part of Vetement’s ongoing collaborations with 18 iconic brands to give well-known styles a modern makeover.

And they retail for a cool $1,870 (£1,500).

Social media users took to Instagram to share their state of confusion:

“Are you serious?” one wrote.

“Please tell me that is a joke?” another posted.

And one user highlighted a possible danger involved with wearing them:

“Too dangerous, imagine if that zipper got stuck to a metal patio chair?,” they said.

We have a feeling this style may be sidelined.


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