BBC Breakfast's Carol Kirkwood Dragged To Floor By Guide Dog Live On Air

"We've got a Kirkwood down!"

BBC Breakfast star Carol Kirkwood was left red-faced - but unscathed - during Monday morning’s show when she found herself dragged to the floor by a guide dog.

During the live broadcast, Carol was presenting a segment remotely while holding the dog named Flash, praising her good behaviour to Dan Walker and Louise Nugent.

Unfortunately for Carol, that was short-lived.

A few moments later, the Labrador apparently tired of her TV appearance and made a bolt for it, taking Carol with her and leaving her face down on the ground.

“We’ve got a Kirkwood down!” Dan announced. “Someone save Carol!”

After gathering herself and putting her earpiece back in, which had been knocked out during the tumble, Carol assured her co-hosts she was doing alright, adding: “She’s a very strong girl, Flash.”

Don't worry, folks. She's alright!
Don't worry, folks. She's alright!

Fortunately, Carol saw the funny side of the gaffe, and quickly reposted it on her Twitter page later in the morning:

However, regular BBC Breakfast viewers will know this isn’t the first time that Carol has found herself at the centre of a canine-related blunder.

Last summer, she found herself tongue-tied while presenting live from Greenwich Park, where she highlighted just how many dog-walkers could be seen around her.

“We’ve seen lots of doggers,” she announced, before quickly correcting herself, adding: “Not doggers of course. Lots of dog walkers and joggers around here during the course of this morning.”

BBC Breakfast airs every weekday from 6am on BBC One.


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