Carol Kirkwood’s Unfortunate Slip Of The Tongue Has BBC Breakfast Viewers In Hysterics

The weather presenter’s week has got off to a flying start.

Lucky Carol Kirkwood spent her Monday morning basking in the early morning sunshine in Greenwich Park, but unfortunately all that heat seems to have had a bit of an effect on the BBC weather presenter.

During Monday’s BBC Breakfast live forecast, Carol made an unfortunate gaffe that saw her get her words mixed up.

“Look at it,” she told viewers as the camera took a panoramic view of the London skyline. “The sun is beating down.”

She then added: “We’ve seen lots of doggers.”

In a royal park, Carol? Surely not?

“Not doggers of course,” she quickly added. “Lots of dog walkers and joggers around here during the course of this morning.”


Carol’s slip up brightened up many viewers’ Monday mornings, including a few of her fellow presenters...

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