Naga Munchetty Tries (And Fails) To Keep A Straight Face After An Unfortunate Choice Of Words From Carol Kirkwood

It seems Naga may have regretted asking the weather presenter to repeat herself.

Listen, we know it’s not sophisticated or high-brow, but with things as grim as they are right now, we’ll take the laughs wherever we can get them, even if that includes a bit of an early-morning innuendo.

And while it’s usually the ITV daytime crowd that lose their way when it comes to a double entendre, on Thursday morning the BBC Breakfast team proved they’re not immune to it either.

During the show, presenter Naga Munchetty was seen struggling to keep her composure after a seemingly innocent comment from weather presenter Carol Kirkwood.

As Carol warned of high winds over the weekend, she told Naga: “You won’t be playing much tennis!”

Carol had quite the "balls up" during her segment
Carol had quite the "balls up" during her segment

Seemingly not catching what her co-presenter had just said, Naga asked her to repeat herself, to which Carol responded: “Not much [tennis]... their balls will be blowing everywhere.”

“Tennis balls,” Carol quickly added in a smaller voice, but it seemed the damage was already done, and as Charlie Stayt attempted to get things back on track, this was Naga’s reaction:

Oh dear
Oh dear

This isn’t the first time Carol has suffered an unfortunate slip of the tongue in recent memory, though.

Back in August, she was reporting live from a park in London, when she declared: “Look at it, the sun is beating down, we’ve seen a lot of doggers.”

Quickly realising her mistake, she abruptly added: “Not doggers, of course. Lots of dog walkers and joggers around here during the course of this morning.”

BBC Breakfast airs at BBC One and BBC News from 6am.


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