26/11/2018 17:38 GMT | Updated 28/11/2018 15:00 GMT

The BBC's War With A Brexit Protestor Just Escalated Quite... Brilliantly


If you’ve watched any of the BBCs news coverage from outside Westminster in recent weeks, you’ll have noticed a man frequently in the background armed with just two signs and a sneaky understanding of camera angles.

Steve Bray shot to viral internet fame earlier this month when his cat and mouse game with a director was broadcast live on TV.

The BBC appears to have since built a gantry to elevate their presenters beyond the reach of interrupters, but Bray showed up on Monday well-prepared.

He just bought some longer poles for his signs...

Bray tweeted a picture of him with his new equipment, saying: “Hello BBC News tower! Some days you just have to work a bit harder...” 

And if you wondering how that looked on TV, here it is...

But it appears Bray might have to work even harder tomorrow – there are rumours the BBC have put up some curtains.