BBC News Viewers Stunned As Presenter Matthew Amroliwala Announces A Tweet 'Margaret Thatcher Just Put Out'

He meant Theresa May, of course, but the mistake did not go unnoticed.

The events of 2020 have been so completely unexpected that it takes a lot to surprise most of us at the moment.

Even so, BBC viewers were left in disbelief on Wednesday morning when BBC BBC News presenter Matthew Amroliwala announced he highlighted a tweet about the US election... from Margaret Thatcher.

The former British prime minister died in 2013.

BBC News
BBC News

Matthew was interviewing Sir Malcolm Rifkind, a former government minister who worked in Thatcher’s cabinet.

“Before I ask you my next question, let me just put up a tweet that Margaret Thatcher has just put out” Matthew interrupted.

Of course, he quickly realised his slip of the tongue, and corrected himself, saying: “Theresa May, sorry.”

Unfortunately for him, his mistake did not go unnoticed, and Margaret Thatcher’s name soon began trending on Twitter as a result…

While the headlines themselves have been rather bleak this year, BBC News has still managed to give us a few laughs in recent times, including earlier this week, when presenter Simon McCoy managed to slip a cheeky pun into a broadcast.

A week prior, he’d also had viewers howling with a savage putdown about one family’s way of celebrating Halloween while still adhering to social distancing measures.

And, of course, let’s not forget that infamous moment all those years ago, when he appeared live on air while holding a pack of paper instead of an iPad.


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