10/03/2017 08:23 GMT | Updated 10/03/2017 10:10 GMT

BBC Question Time 'I'm Not Bothered' Audience Member Is The Hero Of The Apathetic

'What a wonderful and crucial contribution to the debate.'

The world of British politics has been pretty intense over the last 12 months so you’d be forgiven if by now you just wanted to lock yourself away from the world and hide.

Or you could go on the country’s foremost political debate show, wait patiently with your hand up and then, in front of the entire nation, declare your apathy to all.

Like this young chap from Sunderland.

During a Question Time section on the furore around the Budget increase to National Insurance contributions for the self-employed, he was given his opportunity to shine by host David Dimbleby.

He said: “2015 feels like a decade ago.

“I feel people are making a big deal out of nothing, I’m not really bothered.

“Give them some wiggle room.”

Dimbleby broke the brief unsure silence, saying: “So you think it’s a trivial matter?”

“Yeah it just seems like a farce, I’m not really bothered,” he responded.

Thursday night’s debate came from Sunderland. On the panel were Karen Bradley MP, Kezia Dugdale MSP, Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh MP, Polly Toynbee and Fraser Nelson.

John McDonnell was due to attend but had transport issues.

Prime Minister Theresa May has insisted that the controversial Budget changes to National Insurance Contributions for self-employed workers will make the system “simpler, fairer and more progressive”.

The Government is facing a rebellion from its own MPs after Chancellor Philip Hammond announced the move yesterday amid fears it will punish entrepreneurship.

It also breaks a 2015 Conservative manifesto pledge not to increase National Insurance.

Speaking in Brussels, May defended the policy, and pointed to the independent think-tank, the Institute of Fiscal Studies, support for the change.

She said the decision “was taken in the context of a rapidly changing labour market in which the number of people in self employment is rising rapidly”.