BBC Question Time Britain After Brexit Special: 8 Things That Got Tongues Wagging

From David Davis fiddling with his glasses to the lack of diversity on the panel.

It was billed as a BBC Question Time special where questions about Brexit would be “put to politicians on both sides of the argument”.

Audience members from all different walks of life gathered in Birmingham to scrutinise a panel including Brexit Secretary David Davis, Labour MP Keir Starmer, former deputy prime minister Nick Clegg, Ukip’s Suzanne Evans, former SNP leader Alex Salmond and Times journalist Melanie Phillips live on television at 8.30pm on Monday.

Aside from the expected variety of questions and revelations during the 90-minute ‘Britain After Brexit’ special, there were also a few other things that got tongues wagging.

Here are eight of them.

1) The lack of diversity on the panel

Six people were on the panel - two were women, every member was white.

Obviously, this didn’t go unnoticed.

2) Glasses

Not only was the panel dominated by white men in suits, there was also a high proportion of spectacle wearers.

David Davis in particular captured the attention of viewers with his constant glasses fiddling, as shown here.

3) Alex/Alec Salmond

His name was written as Alex Salmond but David Davis was calling his Alec. Some thought it was rude.

In fact, Alec is the Scottish way to refer to Alex, people.

4) Suzanne Evans being told to pipe down by Dimbleby

The video at the top shows the moment the Ukip Deputy Chair was told to wait her turn by the Question Time presenter.

Some people enjoyed it.

While others stuck up for her.

5) Nick Clegg

Is Cleggmania going to be 2017’s biggest comeback? Possibly.

People were just loving the return of the the former Lib Dem leader.

6) A long question speech from an audience member in a tweed jacket

This chap was very eloquent as he spoke up for the powerless.

But people wondered what exactly his question was.

7) Alex Salmond

Alex, Alec, whatever you want to call him won some new fans like Clegg but also it was noted that he spoke, a lot.

8) Melanie Phillips saying she was going to throw up...

...if she hears the terms hard Brexit and soft Brexit again.

It was the final chance for members of the panel to shine and this was what she said.

And yes, it was the final thing that got tongues wagging.


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