BBC Question Time's Most Memorable Audience Members

Every one a corker.

7) The Woman Who Just Wants Her Country Back (Whatever That Means)

This clip is from an episode broadcast from Doncaster back in April of last year in which the undoubtedly passionate lady in question said: “I want my country back and I want freedom.”

Host David Dimbleby then asked: “What do you mean?”

“I don’t believe our country is free anymore. You only have to look at the European Union and what’s going off there.

“I want my country back. I want Britain to be Britain. We’re all just so frustrated with all this rubbish we’re hearing.”

6) The Woman Who Thought The Entire World Was Grateful For British Colonialism

This lady launched a passionate and stirring defence of Brexit - but appeared to forget the small matter of our entire country’s history.

She said: “I think we’ll only get true democracy when we get out of the EU. For thousands of years Britain has ruled in a wonderful way, we’ve been a light to the world.”

5) The Young Man Who Asked If Scottish Independence Would Help In The Search For Aliens

Yes, really.

Amid a row between the Question Time audience over the then-upcoming Scottish Independence vote, one member of the audience was invited to make a comment. It was a short, but wonderful contribution to the debate.

“I believe that if we become independent then we will be one step closer to finding aliens,” said one young chap.

Presumably he successfully won a bet. Or he just really likes aliens...

4) The Woman Who Voted Brexit Because Her Bananas Were Too Straight

Yes that’s right, a woman claimed her vote in the EU referendum was swung from Remain to Leave when she visited her local supermarket and was confronted by straight bananas.

3) Shouty Blue-Hair Woman

When Nigel Farage and Russell Brand failed to set sparks flying in December 2014, the audience was on hand to provide a dose of surreal heckling that was universally lapped up by viewers baying for intellectual blood.

Shouty blue-haired woman (SBHW) started with some good old-fashioned insults aimed at Farage.

And she didn’t stop there. Things escalated into a rather scary threat...

2) The Man Who Asked: ‘Do You Watch The Internet?’

Speaking from Liverpool in March a gruff-voiced gentlemen was allowed to chip in with his opinion on the EU, immigration and... conspiracies.

He said: “I take it the panel watches the internet?

“If you watch the internet you will find that half of the stuff you see on the media on the telly is edited.

“Half of them immigrants, they don’t want the water, they don’t want the food, they want money and they want to try to get to Britain.”

1) The Highlander

The number 1 spot was never in doubt.

Filmed in Scotland, the question of the then-forthcoming referendum came up, with the camera cutting to this chap – Nigel from Inverness who delivered a vignette that could have been lifted from the script of Braveheart… If Wallace was in favour of the Union… which he wouldn’t have been.

“I was born in Inverness, I’m a passionate Highlander, and I love Scotland. I will take a stand to keep the United Kingdom together. I will give my life for my country as my grandfather did in the First World War.”

Bravo sir, bravo.


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