david davis

The former Brexit secretary accused Boris Johnson of "moral delinquency" over the controversial policy.
Former Conservative cabinet minister says the government has more of a "direct moral responsibility" than it did with Syria.
The PM's former top adviser made an “entirely deliberate” decision to leave through the front door while holding a box, David Davis said.
Exclusive: Former Brexit secretary becomes first senior Tory to threaten Commons rebellion over Treasury plans.
David Davis says people people from the north of England "more risky" to London than some international visitors.
If the Brexit dream was "dying" when Johnson and Davis quit, it is clear that now it is well and truly dead, writes Conservative member Dan Seamarks
Senior Brussels diplomats seen mocking and criticising Britain during torturous Brexit negotiations in new BBC documentary.
The British people are tired of subservience to the EU and tired of this one-sided negotiation process - if this agreement is allowed to stand we will not be forgiven
Says MPs' vote will pressure Brussels into coming up with better agreement