04/11/2016 11:19 GMT | Updated 04/11/2016 14:20 GMT

BBC Question Time Watford NHS Worker Deeply Sorry Over Last Night's 'Disgusting' Brexit Speech

Nicola Gorb's comments provoked outrage last night.

The NHS worker criticised for suggesting the children of Brexit supporters should suffer illnesses without a cure has apologised profusely.

Nicola Gorb, 47, told The Huffington Post UK: “I’m deeply sorry if what I said has been misconstrued or misinterpreted. It’s not what I meant to say. I care deeply about the care of children and that’s what I wanted to get across.

“I hope nobody is in that position with an ill child who can’t receive care because that research has been cut.

“It is so distressing to see headlines written about you like that.

I can only apologise profusely for what I said and say it is not what I meant.Nicola Gorb

“I can only apologise profusely for what I said and say it is not what I meant.

“I didn’t mean to say it and I would never wish this on children or their parents.

“I am very committed to the care of children. 

“I’m just really sorry for this.”

Nicola Gorb/Facebook
Gorb admits she is a passionate Remainer concerned about medical research

Gorb told Thursday’s BBC Question Time she worked at Great Ormond Street Hospital and foresaw great problems with international medical research after Brexit.

“If funding is cut, there is going to be a huge decrease in research,” she said.

The speech therapist added: “If you have a child who requires specialist services, that knowledge may not be there because that collaboration has been cut.

“You have to have the people to come together to get the knowledge to progress - from the EU.”

Gorb drew gasps from the Question Time audience, but has now apologised for her comments

She continued: “25% of all staff who are clinicians come from non-British EU countries.

“I’m very much a Remainer, I want to stay in the EU, I want freedom of movement.”

Watch the speech, above.

Viewers were quick to express their anger at the remarks.

A spokesperson for Great Ormond Street Hospital said: “This is not a Great Ormond Street Hospital stance.

“We want to reassure all families that we will do our very best to find and offer new cures and treatments to all children that need them - whatever political circumstances the country find itself in.

“We cannot comment on questions around personal conduct of individual members of staff.”