BBC Question Time Woman Says 'No One Needs To Know About Brexit Negotiations'

Gina Miller attacked for suggesting Theresa May should detail her plans.

The Prime Minister may have just found her greatest ally - the only person in the UK who doesn’t want to know anything about Brexit negotiations.

Despite numerous High Court challenges, fights in the House of Lords and the Commons and tough talk around the single market and immigration that looks set to amount to nothing, one woman in Plymouth seems completely unaware of just what is at stake when Britain leaves the EU.

In fact, the woman reportedly named Wendy, is happy for Theresa May to handle the deal single-handedly, as long as she lets us know what happens at the end.

In an extraordinary interjection on BBC Question Time on Thursday, the woman stopped Brexit campaigner Gina Miller who was calling on May to reveal her Brexit negotiation strategy.

Miller, who earlier in the programme accused the Government of “obsessing over Brexit”, told Wendy it was time for the “leave remain debate” to “move on” as the process is “not about going back, it’s about what happens next”.

She added: “We need to see the details. We need to see the direction of travel – what are the options.

“And there is nothing. There is rhetoric. It is empty and means nothing.”

But Wendy wasn’t having any of it.

<strong>BBC Question Time woman says no one needs to know about Brexit talks</strong>
BBC Question Time woman says no one needs to know about Brexit talks

“You’re a businesswoman. Do you go into the board telling everybody how it’s going to happen?,” Wendy asked Miller.

“No, you keep it close to your chest and you tell it as much as you need. The country don’t need to know it all yet. When she’s (May) got what she needs she can let us know.”

When Miller said it wasn’t about her business decisions, rather it was about “the country” needing to stay informed, Wendy fired back.

“No, no, you’re talking about you as well. You don’t need to know. None of us needs to know, yet, exactly what’s on the table.”

Another audience member then told Wendy she should “want to know what’s going on”, before being silenced by her stern reply.

Wendy: “No, because we know we want to get out of it and that’s the most important thing.”

She was then temporarily interrupted again by the audience member who tried to explain that wasn’t the issue being debated.

Despite a jeering audience, Wendy continued undeterred.

“How can she tell you until she’s gone to the table and put it on the table to find out?”

Wendy’s outburst went down as well off set as it did on it, with people on social media making fun of her seemingly bemused partner’s reaction... among other things.

Conservative MP David Liddington later came to Wendy’s rescue, saying: “What we are not going to do is to publish a long, detailed analysis of our negotiating position.”

He added: “Nobody in business, nobody in politics, if they’re sane, does that and reveals their hand to the other side.”

The debate came as May announced EU nationals who have lived in the UK for five years or more could be given “settled status” and allowed to stay.

The Prime Minister said she had made the “fair and serious offer” to European Union leaders.

Around three million EU nationals – one in 20 of the British population - are estimated to be living in the UK and many have been concerned for their future since the referendum of 2016 backed Brexit.

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