29/04/2016 10:23 BST | Updated 29/04/2016 15:41 BST

BBC Question Time: Young Man In Hull Busts Turkey EU Membership 'Threat'

'That's not going to happen.'

A young man embarrassed a conservative blogger during BBC Question Time on Thursday, after she claimed Britain was threatened by Turkey becoming a member of the European Union.

During a discussion on the upcoming EU referendum, author Jill Kirby said that David Cameron intended to "pave the way from Ankara to Brussels" attracting 75 million Turks.

But Joseph Moore, a politics and history student at University of Hull, swiftly responded, rubbishing Kirby's claims as "scaremongering".

Jill Kirby, a former director of the think tank Centre for Policy Studies, told the audience that David Cameron was 'paving the way' from Ankara to Brussels

Kirby, a former director of the think tank Centre for Policy Studies, told the audience: "We cannot control our borders. David Cameron wants to pave the way from Ankara in Turkey to Brussels so that Turkey can join the EU.

"That's 75 million people, Turkey is bordered by Syria, Iran and Iraq, do we think that's going to improve our security situation? 

"Do we think there's going to be a possibility that we're going to know whose at large in Europe?"

Joseph Moore issued a swift rebuttal to Kirby's claims

Yet in a swift response, Moore said: "I'm undecided on the remain or leave, but I wanted to refer back to Jill's point about 75 million Turks coming to the UK.

"That's really just scaremongering.

"Saying that 75 million are going to come here - that's not going to happen.

"For Turkey to join the EU, they've got to fulfill I think 20 conditions, and the reality is they only fulfill three of them at the moment.

"For them to join the EU, it's a long, long way off." 

Jasmina Mihoc via Getty Images
Istanbul, Turkey, home to around 14 million people, is not currently part of the European Union

Turkey has thus far made "good progress" on five out of 35 requirements to become a member of the European Union.

Yet only one requirement, covering achievements in science and research, has been fully completed.

And it has achieved just 35 out of 72 requirements to enter the EU's free visa zone - which allows travel with fewer restrictions.


The normally combative 'Question Time' displayed a moment of poignancy on Thursday night.

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